Health Insurance

For nearly sixty years, Whitmire and Whitmire, Inc. has been answering the health insurance needs of individuals and their families. Everyone has different needs and should be evaluated and informed of all their insurance options for today as well as in the future. Individual health insurance policies are usually more affordable and can provide the level of coverage you desire.

Under the Affordable Care Act, policies are on a guarantee issue basis. There areĀ  however, limitations on when you can enroll. There is an annual enrollment period with consideration given for special enrollment periods. Please feel free to contact us if you meet one of these criteria.

The cost will be the same if you go directly to these companies or use our services. With Whitmire & Whitmire, Inc. you will receive assistance with claims, billing and any insurance questions you may have. You will receive personal service from a local company that has been servicing your needs through the years.

There are many plan designs and networks to choose from. You may choose plans with doctor visit & drug card co-pays, HSA’s, Short-Term Medical. With all these options available to you, you need the experience and knowledge that Whitmire & Whitmire, Inc. has provided since 1949.